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You can view the seating chart in the corresponding area by selecting the desired floor ( 1st Floor auditorium/2nd Floor auditorium).
1st Floor Auditorium
Main lobby [8F] (Part of 1st Floor auditorium.)
1st Floor auditorium [9F]
2nd Floor Auditorium
2nd Floor auditorium [10F]
Concert hall features
Total number of seats 2,036 seats (including 22 wheelchair-accessible seats)
1st floor 1,538 seats
2nd floor 498 seats
  • - LOTTE Concert Hall is the first in Korea to introduce a vineyard-style seating arrangement, a design that brings the audience closer to the stage and the artists.
  • - A pipe organ is installed at the back of Section P on the 1st floor.
  • - Sound modifying devices can be installed in a portion of the seats (Row 23), depending on the type of a performance.
  • - You can check the entry gate for each section beforehand in the Gate Guide menu.

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