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Enriching Life through Music, Striving to share the vision of LOTTE.

Greetings, It is my great honor to welcome you to LOTTE Foundation for Arts
Twenty-first Century is called an era of culture. Art and culture has a core value not only to measure the quality of people’s life, but also to measure the maturity of society.
Since its founding, The LOTTE Group, which has made efforts to enrich the lives of its customers, has established the LOTTE Foundation for Arts In October of 2015

LOTTE Concert Hall is committed to offering convenient space where music flows to enrich lives on daily basis with the optimal environment and various contents. Moreover, we strive to provide a magical moment where people can experience the pleasure of finding happiness by introducing new movements of Contemporary Art in to the world by LOTTE Museum of Art.

LOTTE Foundation for Arts will continue to strive on sharing the vision of LOTTE which is the “Enriching Life” with everyone.

Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement for LOTTE Foundation for Arts.

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