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Enriching Life through Music, Striving to share the vision of LOTTE.

The LOTTE Foundation for Arts was established in October of 2015 to meet the demands of the present and pursue the happiness of the people through the interaction of culture and arts.

In accordance with the trends of the cultural and artistic value of individuals and society, we are proud to announce the grand opening at LOTTE Museum on January of 2018. Since the opening of the LOTTE Concert Hall in 2016, our vision is to create an environment where culture and arts take center stage and to enrich lives on a daily basis.
Opened on August 19, 2016, the LOTTE Concert Hall is the first in Korea to introduce a Vineyard-style seating arrangement with 2,036 total capacity where people can experience the best acoustics from any seats with 68 stops pipe organ installed. Since its opening, LOTTE Concert Hall has been renowned not only by classical music lovers but also by the general public, acclaimed by opening a new chapter in the local classical music market with its slogan, ‘Bringing People Together With Music’.

The LOTTE Concert hall desires to provide convenient space where you can feel happiness in your everyday life through music. We will strive our best to become the stage of dream where every artists desire to perform.
Opened on the 7th floor of LOTTE World Tower in January 2018, LOTTE MUSEUM OF ART introduces new waves of modern art around the world and shares its dynamic energy.

LOTTE MUSEUM OF ART introduces from masterpieces in the world to essence of contemporary art to provide enriched cultural energy. LOTTE MUSEUM OF ART will be No.1 contemporary art museum where we create new culture through communication and diversity.

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